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Production of industrial chemicals

Specialized products that comply with the requirements of HACCP belong to this category of products. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by certified state institutions. Long year manufacturing experience, certified quality, affordable prices and a successful cooperation with numerous industrial customers make us a competent bidder of these products. We hold certificate of quality, reports on chemical and bacteriological efficacy and security lists for all the products in our portfolio.

Our offer includes:
  • Surface Disinfectants – Asepsoll (Yucosept B) – in various concentrations, Disinfect Eco Cleaner
  • Hand Disinfectants – Antibacterial liquid soap, Antibacterial gel, Asepsoll (Yucosept B)
  • Detergents and disinfectants – Yucosept PS
  • Cleaners and degreasers – Yuco Cleaner Y52, Yuco Cleaner P 41S, Yuco Cleaner P 400 A, Yuco Cleaner T 400 A.
  • Detergent supplements – Anti Fleck for removing stains, Super White bleaching agent for additional bleaching

We can meet specific demands of our customers.
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