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Production of liquid fertilizers for plants

These include specialized products for decorative plants, flowers, roses, cactuses and lawns nutrition. Excellent results in terms of abundance and beauty of plants and flowers and colour intensity may be achieved by the use of those products. The exceptional effectiveness of products and affordable prices makes BLUM liquid fertilizer market leaders in this category.

The products are sold in stores selling consumer goods, as well as in specialized facilities - agricultural pharmacies.

The product porfolio includes:
  • BLUMI FLOWER, liquid fertiliser for garden flowers
  • BLUMI LEAF, liquid fertiliser for room decorative plants
  • BLUMI GERANIUM, liquid fertiliser for geraniums
  • BLUMI ROSE, liquid fertiliser for roses
  • BLUMI CACTUS, liquid fertiliser for cactuses and other succulents
  • BLUMI HYDRANGEA, liquid fertiliser for shrubs, hedges and decorative plants
  • BLUMI GRASS, liquid fertiliser for lawns
  • *]BLUMI ORCHID, liquid fertiliser for orchids

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