Service production

Many years of production experience, quality orientation, automated production and large production capacities make us a competitive provider in the service production segment.

We are happy to answer all inquiries from interested clients. We are ready to offer a complete professional product development service (“full pack”) or, according to customer requirements, to make an offer by individual modules.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of the developed products is a guaranteed part of our process.

We produce Private Label products for retail chains and distributors – Metro Cash & Carry, ZU Lilly drogerie, Delhaize, Univerexport, Savacoop and many others;

We also manufacture for companies that operate globally and sell worldwide – PHI academy, Sasha Riess Laboratories; Killerspin, TR Kostka;

Health Facilities – Dr. Colic Cosmetics;

Pharmaceutical companies – Celtis Pharm, INpharm;

Multilevel Company – Elisa; Biograden

Trading houses abroad: Omnia BiH

In Turkey, with a market of over 80 million inhabitants, we sell a line of cosmetics for professional use in beauty salons.

Our offer

Experience, knowledge, expertise

Commitment to quality

The most modern production technology

Innovations in line with trends

The highest quality raw materials and active components

Application of international business standards

Respecting customers and striving for their satisfaction