The plant is equipped with the most modern automated equipment for mixing, filling and packaging. The operation of the plant is based on well-coordinated principles while respecting the introduced standards. All production segments, from receiving, weighing raw materials, mixing, and then filling and packaging the products take place in strictly controlled conditions. The state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal and in the improvement of which we continuously invest enables us to place products of uniform and guaranteed quality on the market. Installed production capacities amount to over 300 tons of cosmetic products per month. It is precisely the large production capacities that enable the production of one’s own brand, export to large markets, as well as the production of private labels.


Creating effective, innovative and unique formulations that bring a special care experience is the task and ultimate mission of the MULTIACTIV brand. Over the years of insisting on top quality, following trends and developing in our own laboratory, it has resulted in the creation of about 200 original and efficient products.

The MULTIACTIV brand builds authority on EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and EDUCATION. We can say that recognizing these values ​​and choosing MULTIACTIV products is a feature of smart consumers.

Multiactiv cosmetics is the holder of the prestigious international award The Arch of Europe, which rewards the achieved results, quality and exceptionality of the entire business. The recognition of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which nominated Multiactiv for the best Serbian brand for several years, stands out with pride. Also, the international recognition “Best Business Name”, as well as praise from business partners, which arrived in the form of the Business Partner award.