Business system

In more than three decades of existence, the essential values ​​of business have been incorporated: QUALITY, SAFETY, TRUST, CARE FOR EMPLOYEES, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. These values ​​follow the development of the company and contribute to its stability.

Not far from Novi Sad, in the town of Bački Jarak on an area of ​​about 10 hectares, there is an administrative building, production facilities and a central warehouse, while distribution centers are located in Belgrade and Nis. The tradition of hiring highly educated staff, nurturing creativity and team spirit, have contributed to the fact that today YUCO-HEMIJA can boast of 60 employees who love their job and love their company.

We have been operating on the Serbian market since 1989 and we have a leading position in the production of cosmetic products. We are also successfully engaged in the production of hygiene products in households and industry, as well as the production of liquid fertilizers for flowers.

In the domestic market, we have a very successful cooperation with more than 1000 business partners. We do business with all significant, domestic and international, sales chains. Our products are excellently positioned on the shelves in all the largest and most important retail outlets.

We operate in the market, we accept new challenges, we follow trends, but we always put the demands of our consumers first. Our business philosophy is customer satisfaction, based on the best value for money.

In order to achieve our priorities and set goals, since 2002 we have been applying the international quality management system EN ISO 9001 and since 2013 we have been certified according to the ISO 22716 – GMP standard, which proves our compliance with the principles of good manufacturing practice.  Certificates

Our long-term business has been accompanied by many awards and recognitions. We are proud of the recognition of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which nominated our cosmetic brand Multiactiv for the best Serbian brand for two years in a row. We can also boast of the “Business Partner” award, which is given for business ethics and fairness. We received the prestigious international award for business excellence and product quality, Arch of Europe, in April 2012 in Frankfurt.  Confirmation of Credibility

Enthusiasm, perseverance, consistency, knowledge and creativity have made YUCO-HEMIJA grow into a successful, modern and dynamic company.

More than 500 different product formulations are active in YUCO-HEMIJA’s production facilities. Of that, about 2/3 of the products are placed on the market under our own brands, and the remaining assortments are private labels. We are proud of the fact that in this way, products created in our production plant can be bought in over 100 countries around the world.

Continuous investment in production improvement, process automation and capacity expansion, has significantly increased competitiveness and contributed to the development of the company.

We organize the production of PL products for Delhaize, Metro Cash & Carry Serbia, Metro Cash & Carry Croatia, Univerexport, Dr. Colić cosmetics, Lomax and many others. Service Production

The product range of YUCO-HEMIJA consists of the following product categories:

Head office:

Cara Lazara bb. 21234 Bački Jarak, 021 / 848-606, 021 / 848-616


Belgrade branch office:

128b Ustanicka st. Belgrade 011 / 3470-362, 011 / 3470-382


Niš branch office:

Bulevar Nemanjića 85a 018 / 531-268